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Hi! I am Radek. For many years, I have been passionate about the natural world, technology and the human impact on the environment. I decided to focus on water during my university studies. After finishing a degree in membrane engineering and spending three years working for a company, we got an idea to start with Flo-Bro. I believe, that bringing the advanced technology of industrial water treatment to the consumer is a crucial step in sustainable water management. That’s why we want to bring you the Flo-Bro One water filter. If you want to see the world and never get thirsty, don’t forget to take Flo-Bro One with you!

Hi there! My name is Robin. During and after my study I travelled a lot, mostly in South-East Asia. Nowadays, we have many opportunities to travel, see the world, and broaden our horizon. However, the increased percentage of people travelling also takes its toll on the environment. One of the big polluters is buying bottled water whilst travelling, because the tap water is not safe to drink. With Flo-Bro One, you turn unsafe tap water into clean drinking water with a simple twist, and save money on bottled water. My vision is to make travelling more sustainable with the launch of Flo-Bro One!

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