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Hi I am Radek,

Educated in Biotechnology and Chemical engineering, specialized on separation processes, I’ve been working on process and product design as an employee and a freelancer. I put resource efficiency and sustainability in the core of each project. Due to an interdisciplinary background and hands on nature, I take a bird´s eye view on the project and suggest several alternatives that will take you to the goal. Are you challenged with a complex task and do not know where to start? I believe in thinking outside of the box. Thanks to fluency in English, Dutch, Czech, German and French I am well equipped to work with international teams.

Hi there! My name is Robin.

Getting business done, requires a plan and sticking to deadlines. I’ve been working as an account manager in the field of SAAS for several years, which is highly competitive and continuously evolving. I believe, that managing a complex project and staying on budget, requires putting the right people together, which is where my strength lies. I have a background in international business and I was lucky to travel the world and experience working with different cultures. Since 2021, I operate two web shops, where I take the responsibility of supply chain management and customer excellence and can provide a plenty of advice on that.

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