Did you know why certain cities are sinking, and what the difference is between filtering and boiling water? The answers to these questions, plus more, you can find in our first part of “Did you know?”

1. Did you know, that ultra-filtration membranes are capable of removing viruses which contaminate water? The pores in the filter are so small, that the dangerous pathogens simply can’t pass, making the filtered water safer to drink.


2. Did you know, that whilst salt water fish drink water through their mouths, fresh water fish do not. They absorb water through their skin by osmosis.


3. Did you know, that pumping large amounts of water from wells can cause the ground to sink? Mexico City drops almost a meter every year, and many major cities in Asia suffer too. We need to rethink water use and make it sustainable! Here you can read more about sinking cities. 


4. Did you know, that burning plastics has some surprising benefits? If plastic is burned in the right stove, it can save money on fossil fuels, stop plastic pollution, limit deforestation, and improve the quality of life. Read the complete article here.


5. Did you know, that filtering water is 52x faster and 3300x cheaper than boiling water?! Boiling water is still one of the most common ways of ensuring it is sterile and safe for drinking. The intense heat is capable of inactivating bacteria, viruses and spores which might be present in water of a questionable source. Ultrafiltration, on the other hand, does not destroy, but physically retains >99.99% of viruses, and an even higher proportion of bacteria and spores by size exclusion on its nanometer-sized pores.
What is your opinion about boiling/filtering water? Here you can read the full article.