Whilst tap water is available almost worldwide, most of the water is not safe for drinking due to contamination with microorganisms.

Water is a basic requirement for all life. All land organisms depend on a supply of fresh water – humans need a couple of litres every day, but plastic bottles are not a good long term solution. 

Flo-Bro was was designed to filter tap water and remove all particles, bacteria and viruses larger than 25 nanometers. (that’s 10x smaller than the wavelenght of light!)

In 2017 we ran a campaign on Kickstarter. Although we were not successful that time, we got a lot of experience. Get in touch if you are interested in co-operation! 

Whilst travelling through south east Asia, I was amazed at the efficiency, longevity, portability and simplicity of Flo-Bro One, whilst also saving me from the ongoing cost of bottled water. This is a truly revolutionary new way to give clean water to anyone in the world.

Damon Shaw, Australia

I believe it is a human right to have access to clean drinking water, and Flo-Bro is making this a reality! There are too many people out there who are dying of infections and diseases from unsanitary drinking water. Flo-Bro One filters out the toxins and bacteria in contaminated water sources, so all humans can have access to clean water, bringing health and wellness to this planet!

Sandy, Canada