Water is Life

Water is undeniably the essence of life. From the towering trees that soak it in to the tiniest microbes that rely on it for survival, water plays a pivotal role in sustaining all forms of life on our planet.

As human populations continue to grow and industrialization advances, water quality becomes a pressing concern.

In this pursuit, membrane filtration emerges as a critical tool. Membrane filtration is a process that uses semi-permeable membranes to remove impurities, particles, and microorganisms from water. This technique provides an effective barrier against harmful substances, ensuring that the water we consume remains safe and clean. Whether in municipal water treatment plants, industrial facilities, or even individual households, membrane filtration can play a vital role in maintaining water quality.

I have spent the last decade of my life by researching and applying membrane filtration processes from membrane manufacture, module design and process design. From the tiniest application to full size installations. Even though my expertise has diversified in the, the fascination with water has never ceased.

On this page, I would like to walk you through some of my achievements and experience.


Innovation manager

CUT Membrane Technology, Erkrath, Germany

At CUT I have been working as an innovation manager. Initially hired to work on the tubular membrane materials, I soon reached out to other areas of the company, mostly creating software and hardware tools that make my colleagues work easier. Whether it was the re-design and digitalization of QC data, applying sequential timers for the potting processes, or designing and printing functional parts,  I am glad that I could contribute to making CUT a more efficient place, with less resource and energy wasting, where innovation, and living in a state of continuous improvement became more a part of the culture.


Energy saving expert

HECON s.r.o. Praha, Czechia

At HECON my activities ranged from writing a book about energy management, Zrouti Energie, to creating a concept of energy monitoring in an industrial hall, procuring and installing it, and coming up with specific energy saving measures. The work has been diverse and intense, and allowed met to improve in programming, VBA and Power query tools.  If there is one thing I learned, it is, that Energy saving starts at a regular monitoring, that enables you to choose the most fitting measure. 


Freelance engineer

Flo-Bro VOF

We started Flo-Bro at 2017, after finishing travels in South East Asia to work indipendetntly on diverse projects for and take this time out to learn new skills. As Covid-19 kicked in, an idea arose, to open up a web shop in the Netherlands, selling Czech developed and manufactured products for Pets- TraumaPet Later on, we also became active in Germany, Belgium and Austria.  This turned out, to be a great idea!


R&D Engineer

Pentair|X-Flow BV, Enschede, Netherlands

After finishing my MSc in Membrane Engineering, at Pentair I worked predominantly on tubular membranes. Developed the patented Helix flux enhancing membranes used in X-Flow Compact modules and supported their introduction to full scale production. Additionally helped in the development of processes up to pilot scale. I have been co-operating with sales and marketing departments on promoting this technology and introducing it to the market. Being affiliated with the membrane R&D group, my research has also focused on developing the HFW-1000 hollow fibre nanofiltration membrane. I also got a change to supervise four students (MBO-MSc level) during their internship at our department, which has been an amazing experience.