We are very happy to announce that we won the first prize in the start-up competition Podnikavá hlava!

Podnikavá hlava is a yearly competition held at Olomouc Science and Technology Park, Czech Republic, where young entrepreneurs compete for prizes. We entered the competition in March, and attended several workshops about best practices when starting up a company. After handing in our business plan, we were selected to the top-ten finalists. For the final round, we prepared a 3-minute pitch, to present to a jury.

Flo-Bro One pitch - Podnikavá Hlava

A week later we all gathered again for the announcement of the winners. The day started with another interesting lecture from Czech Invest on the support of businesses starting up in the Czech Republic. After that the moment of truth arrived… And Flo-Bro One -travel water filter- was chosen as this year’s best idea!


Credit: Podnikavá hlava

The competition was tough though. The second place got awarded to a project Optimistic Coffin from Hogofogo Design. Their motto is “Death does not choose but you can!”  The third prize went to Dietsystem, an app that connects diet advisers with their clients. Two special prizes went to CoolCoach app and Natural Cosmetics for Animals.


Jury and the competitors. Credit: Podnikavá hlava

What did we win?

The first prize of the competition entails the following: €3.000, a voucher for free gasoline, one year free office of 36 m2 in the business park, and 10-hours of coaching per month from professionals from different fields!

Winning this competition is absolutely a great boost for Flo-Bro One! We can now start working in a stimulating business environment surrounded by colleagues who can guide us in the right way. The money will be used to do more tests with Flo-Bro One, and to upgrade our marketing activities to get a head-start on Indiegogo!

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If you’re interested in Flo-Bro One, get in touch with us and see how we can co-operate.