We are developing the “Future of Sustainable Water” – a Portable, Affordable, and Durable water filter.

Part 1

After we spent six months in South-East Asia to test the prototype of the Flo-Bro One water filter, we went back to the drawing board. During our trip, we learned that not only the functionality is key, but travellers also want a device that is appealing to the eye. Since we got back, we drew many different designs, and now we are confident that we have a final version of our water filter!

That is why we went to a 3D-printer this week to get a small part printed. Piece by piece we are assembling Flo-Bro One to be certain of the best possible quality. The coming months we will keep you updated on the progress of “The Future of Sustainable Water”, by blogs on our website and via our social media accounts.

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