After successful years spent in the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Germany, and starting up TraumaPet webshops in the Netherlands and Germany, we are now prepared to take up a new challenge. We decided to raise anchor and set on a course from our current port – Düsseldorf –to this tropical Indonesian island toward the end of this year.   

Why Bali?  

I have visited this island only once, in 2016. Robin, on the other hand, has been there five times and cannot seem to get enough of it. Bali is a vibrant place, full of tourism and in a dire need of improved water & resource management.  The small island, with a surface area just short of 5800 km², is home to more than 4 million inhabitants and almost as many tourists visiting every year. This puts a huge strain on its infrastructure, which is developing and growing at an unsustainable rate.   

Moving to Bali at this time is probably one of the last chances to see this place before it gets overly busy and will start losing its appeal. Or maybe try to help out, that it doesn’t ?   I am looking to join or start projects aimed at reducing waste and improving water infrastructure. Just give me a little time, to acclimatize.  


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