If you have read our blogs from July until December 2016, then you followed our journey through eight different countries in South East Asia. In this hot and humid climate, your body needs plenty of water to replenish all the sweat. Two adult men like us need at least 2,5 liters of water per day. Some of that water demand gets covered by fruit juices and smoothies, which are so delicious, and “occasionally” by beer. But most of the daily fluid intake should be clean water. No need for high content of minerals, as we already get those from food. We need plain H2O.

Even before we left for our journey, I was determined to cut plastic bottle consumption to the minimum. Minimising your waste products is the least you can do whilst travelling.  As a present from my colleagues at work I got several filters. The “Filter pen”, which is no longer commercially available, but somewhat similar to Lifestraw, and a “Lifesaver” bottle.  Next to that, I also brought a self-made prototype of Flo-Bro One (I didn’t know it would be called that way back then).

The airport authorities in Denpasar show how important drinking WATER is! Do not become “DEHYDRATE” 😉

When comparing the ease of use of these three designs and their suitability for our travelling lifestyle, Flo-Bro One was by far the best one. Light, fast filtering, cleanable, reusable. A few months into our journey,  I decided to throw away the other filters which were so clumsy to use. At that time Robin got an idea – why not develop a filter also for other users and travellers like us?

So what makes our filter unique and better? Flo-Bro One takes advantage of a fact that other filter developers have forgotten- that most places in the world have fresh water on the tap. If you filter it, it’s good to drink. That’s the essence of Flo-Bro One: turn tap water into safe drinking water. A filter that is portable, affordable, durable, and most of all: easy to use. If you check out our map in the travel blog – you can see every single spot where we used Flo-Bro One. In the future you can help us expand the network of spots with your own data!

We would love you to have a Flo-Bro One too. You can back us on Kickstarter to help us accumulate a starting capital, so we can bring a new water filter to the world. Stay tuned, the campaign is starting soon!